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Better biogas technology keeps emerging
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Converting food waste into renewable energy will help U.S. achieve energy independence.

The introduction of the first dry anaerobic digester in the U.S. illustrates that biogas technology will continue to improve in the decades to come.

Check out this interesting story in Biomass Magazine about the first U.S. dry anaerobic digestion system, introduced in January in Monterey, California.

One of the reasons we continue to publish blog posts about the anaerobic digestion system at Stonyvale Farm is that the more information we put out, the better people will understand what this technology does.

The evolution of this technology is constant, and the renewable energy it produces promises to play an important role in making New England and the United States more energy efficient, and more energy independent, over time. Almost everyone thinks generating energy from waste products is a winner, and popular support will continue to fuel important technology innovations. Continual improvement can only benefit us all.

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