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EAE worked closely with two partners to bring this anaerobic digestion system online:


Adam & John Wintle
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Anaerobic digestions turns cow manure & food waste into green energy

John & Adam Wintle use cow manure & food waste to generate renewable energy in Maine

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  1. Charles MacArthur on 

    The Melbourne, Austrailia sewage treatment farm, WerribeeFarms has been in operation since before World Wasr 2. In the early 1980s I spent two days with the staff there, after a visit the previous week at the Auckland, NZ trestment plant where several of diesel engines the size of yours were in operation.
    I am a member of the Sustainable Sanitation Alliance [SUSANA- Germany] which is helping out, primarily in Africa.
    In Sweden human urine is collected from newer housing complexes and spread untreated on croplands [urine is generally sterile when voided.]
    In three of my past homes I have installed Clivus Multrum toilet systems. composters
    I have developed a “windowsill farming system” where two liter soda bottles grow leaf lettuce, each “field” 10 square inches, and have found urine 20:1 produces leaf lettuce plants harvratable [max] for seven months.
    It takes a ton of fossil fuel for each ton of chemical fertilizer manufactured we spread on our field.
    Devised a urination system for Fukushima residents which could also provide data on distribution of radioactives, but in alll the furor, it never got used.

    SO, I admire very much what you are doing, and one day would like to visit your creative operation



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