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Fogler & Wintle, appreciative University of Maine families
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Adam & John Wintle

Adam & John Wintle, and the EAE anaerobic digestion system at Stonyvale, will be featured in the Winter 2013 edition of the University of Maine Alumni magazine

Coming soon to a newsstand near you — Adam and John Wintle on the cover of the University of Maine’s Alumni magazine!

In the issue out soon, you’ll be able to read a detailed story about how important the University of Maine has been to the Fogler and Wintle families, with strong relationships going back decades. When we publicly unveiled the cutting edge anaerobic digestion system at Stonyvale Farm in June 2012, we sent out a press release that said the following:

“The entrepreneurs who built the new facility have close ties to the University of Maine system, underscoring the University’s key role in educating innovative business leaders who will fuel future economic growth in Maine.

“’This is a feather in the cap for the university,’ said (Adam) Wintle, himself a graduate in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maine at Oromo. ‘A lot of the thinkers who put this project together were trained in the university system. These are all family businesses, and it’s great to be able to use our training to build something innovative and cutting edge, and to make a significant economic contribution, right here in our home state.’”

We got this e-mail last night from Susan Mullaney, Director of Marketing & Communication, and Editor of MAINE Alumni Magazine. “The UMaine Alumni Association is proud of its long association with the Fogler Family. Your tradition of leadership and innovation in business and now sustainable energy generation represent the best that a land grant university such as UMaine can offer to the State of Maine and its citizens. Implementation of new technologies like your anaerobic digestion system at Stonyvale Farm help to move Maine’s economy forward.”

Thank you for the kind words, Susan, and for sending us an advance peek at the next cover photo. We are certainly honored that our project will be on the cover of the Alumni magazine, and very proud of the education that the State of Maine provides to its students.

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