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Friendly Reminder – we take food waste!
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Though Exeter Agri-Energy has remained largely silent about the conversation surrounding food waste, the company that developed the project, Biogas Energy Partners, has been blogging about the topic for almost a year now.  Exeter Agri-Energy was recently mentioned in a Bangor Daily News article about food waste outlets in Maine so I thought I’d take the opportunity to bring up the topic here.

According to the article, “About 2 percent of the state’s total waste in 2011 was composted when as much as 40 percent could have been composted or processed outside of landfills.”  At EAE, we see those numbers as troubling, but we also see them as a tremendous opportunity for fuel for our system – we rely on food waste to help keep the digesters running at EAE.  The article suggests that Maine will run out of landfill space in 12 years but what we’re here to say is that EAE can help make sure that forecast does not become a reality.

We mentioned in a blog post back in November that EAE has invested in a bucket crusher/grinder to help handle food waste coming to the facility.  In some cases, the material being delivered is in its solid form and we use the crusher/grinder to break it down before adding it to the digester.  If you have food waste and you’re interested in an alternative to the local landfill, be sure to contact us!

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