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EAE worked closely with two partners to bring this anaerobic digestion system online:


INSTANT REPLAY: Renewable energy, Maine farming tradition
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There's always fun to be found on a family farm!

Not everyone could travel to Exeter, Maine last Thursday for the unveiling of the anaerobic digestion system at Stonyvale Farm.

However, we were thinking ahead! (We like to do that here at the farm.) We hired a photographer to take some photos of the day’s events, and he certainly did a great job. We asked for a documentary style, so that anyone who was not here for the press conference and tours of the facility could get a real flavor for what happened.

So CLICK HERE for a photojournalist’s creative report (300 photos) on the day’s events: press conference, tours, lots of smiles, and the best part of all, a good old-fashioned farm picnic!

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