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EAE worked closely with two partners to bring this anaerobic digestion system online:


INVESTED: Maine farm handles food waste on industrial scale
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Exeter Agri-Energy has made a key capital investment

WATCH THIS COOL VIDEO! Exeter Agri-Energy has made a key capital investment securing our role as a leader in farm-based green energy production.

Check out our cool new piece of equipment! If a family farm wants to be sustainable in this challenging economy, it has to make investments in the future, and be ready for change.

As Adam Wintle explained in a blog post in September, the general public’s awareness of food waste is growing fast. That increase in awareness significantly accelerated in August, when the Natural Resources Defense Council released a report estimating that Americans lose up to 40% of the nation’s food resources, because we throw out perfectly good food and needlessly bury it in landfills. In the not too distant future, Mainers and Americans will insist that our society no longer bury food waste in landfills, thus wasting those energy-packed resources, wasting valuable landfill space, and needlessly polluting the atmosphere with methane gas.

This new bucket crusher and grinder is a $50,000 investment, nothing to sneeze at. But it’s a sensible investment, positioning EAE and Maine for decades to come as leaders in responsible food waste disposal and renewable energy production. To our knowledge, we’re the first farm-based disposal site in the northeast United States to make this investment. It’s helping us pre-process and shred solids, including grocery store food waste, before they are fed into the digesters to optimize biogas production.

Check out the video — this thing is pretty awesome!

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