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EAE worked closely with two partners to bring this anaerobic digestion system online:


More food waste press in Massachusetts
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food_wasteThis article from Lexington, Massachusetts crossed our paths late last week and we couldn’t help but think….we told you so. Well, our partners at Biogas Energy Partners did, anyway. We’ve been talking to anyone who will listen about why Exeter Agri-Energy is a great outlet for food waste from all over New England and this article illustrates one of the precise reasons why.

The bottom line is that people don’t want anaerobic digestion facilities in their business or residential neighborhoods. They are industrial facilities that are processing food waste – which can be smelly. They also attract all of the usual suspects involved in any sort of waste disposal: large trucks, excess noise, and well, I already mentioned the odor.

Despite its distance from locations around New England, including Lexington, which is 200+ miles from EAE, and the potential costs associated with trucking, we continue to be the premier outlet for a variety of food waste material. We have an award-winning facility with an incredibly knowledgeable team that is ready to take your food waste in short order.

Why build your own anaerobic digester and face years of planning and associated costs when you could call us to come get your waste TOMORROW?

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