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EAE worked closely with two partners to bring this anaerobic digestion system online:


“We’re Cooking With Gas.”

Welcome to the EAE blog. Our anaerobic digestion system is up and running smoothly, and our blog is where sustainable family farming, business collaborations, responsible environmental stewardship, and renewable energy are the broad topics of discussion. Please feel free to subscribe to our feed and to engage us in an online, 2-way discussion. Content contributions and comments are always welcome --- ideas are good!


Figuratively speaking, anyway. It became very clear in recent months that EAE needed additional storage space for the liquid food waste residuals that arrive at our facility on a daily basis. Turns out our food waste campaign is working! As part of the original…

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More food waste press in Massachusetts

This article from Lexington, Massachusetts crossed our paths late last week and we couldn’t help but think….we told you so. Well, our partners at Biogas Energy Partners did, anyway. We’ve been talking to anyone who will listen about why Exeter Agri-Energy is a great outlet for food waste…

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UMaine food waste group visits EAE

                It’s not always easy to fit tours into the busy schedule at the EAE facility but when we were contacted by Mark Hutchinson, University of Maine Cooperative Extension Professor and resident composting guru, we could hardly turn…

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Can it really be done?

A recent Science Blog entry popped up in my Google Alerts this week and I couldn’t help but take notice. “The world can be powered by alternative energy in 20-40 years, Stanford researcher says,” details the work of two California-based researchers who assert that more…

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IN THE NEWS – EAE back on TV

It’s been a while since Exeter Agri-Energy was in the news, but it’s great to see that folks are still interested in our innovative project! Last month, a crew from WMTW News 8 made a trip to Exeter to shoot a story about the…

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CLOSE UP: Intern Michael Boerman

There never seem to be quite enough hands on deck at the EAE plant so this summer we decided to bring on a skilled intern to help – he’s been at the EAE plant for a few weeks and we wish he were staying…

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EAE – an award winning project!

Though Exeter Agri-Energy has been recognized in the press for our innovative and environmentally-friendly project, until last week we hadn’t actually won any awards for our efforts.  That all changed on May 22 when EAE was recognized by Governor Paul LePage and Maine’s Department…

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Friendly Reminder – we take food waste!

Though Exeter Agri-Energy has remained largely silent about the conversation surrounding food waste, the company that developed the project, Biogas Energy Partners, has been blogging about the topic for almost a year now.  Exeter Agri-Energy was recently mentioned in a Bangor Daily News article…

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One good turn deserves another

In December we told you about a cool new film that students at Emerson College in Boston are producing and promoting, called “Cow Power: The Film.” Today, we got a newsletter update from the students, only to discover that they are also inviting their…

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Better biogas technology keeps emerging

Check out this interesting story in Biomass Magazine about the first U.S. dry anaerobic digestion system, introduced in January in Monterey, California. One of the reasons we continue to publish blog posts about the anaerobic digestion system at Stonyvale Farm is that the more…

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