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EAE worked closely with two partners to bring this anaerobic digestion system online:


“We’re Cooking With Gas.”

Welcome to the EAE blog. Our anaerobic digestion system is up and running smoothly, and our blog is where sustainable family farming, business collaborations, responsible environmental stewardship, and renewable energy are the broad topics of discussion. Please feel free to subscribe to our feed and to engage us in an online, 2-way discussion. Content contributions and comments are always welcome --- ideas are good!

COVER STORY: morphing manure to megawatts

Earlier this month we wrote a blog post singing the praises of the education that members of the Fogler and Wintle families have received in the University of Maine system, going back generations. At the time it seemed likely that the anaerobic digestion system…

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Cow power PRESS RELEASE: solid 1st year

First year of “farm AD” positions Maine as industry leader Major benefits: renewable energy, cleaner environment and healthier family farm MEDIA CONTACT: Sarah Wintle, swintle@exeteragrienergy.com, 207-347-0483 (Exeter, Maine) In late December, the anaerobic digestion (AD) facility at Stonyvale Farm in Exeter marked its first…

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Fogler & Wintle, appreciative University of Maine families

Coming soon to a newsstand near you — Adam and John Wintle on the cover of the University of Maine’s Alumni magazine! In the issue out soon, you’ll be able to read a detailed story about how important the University of Maine has been…

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Today’s PRESS RELEASE sent to reporters, legislators

December 14, 2012  MAINE COMPANY INVESTS, EXPECTS FOOD WASTE SURGE Farm-based green energy company helping state conserve landfill space MEDIA CONTACT: Sarah Wintle, swintle@exeteragrienergy.com, 207-347-0483 (Exeter, Maine) Exeter Agri-Energy (EAE) has invested $50,000 in a specialized industrial grinder to help its green energy facility…

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We’re giving this film two thumb up!

Earlier this month we told you about the intercollegiate Dairy Challenge, a national competition in which college students advance the study of successful and sustainable farming. We’re pleased to show you another endeavor by college students that takes a look at cow power. This…

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Another first for Stonyvale Farm

In June, EAE’s partner Stonyvale Farm launched this video and hosted an event in Exeter to mark the introduction of our anaerobic digestion system, the first of its kind in the northeastern United States. This all led to Adam Wintle being named one of…

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INVESTED: Maine farm handles food waste on industrial scale

Check out our cool new piece of equipment! If a family farm wants to be sustainable in this challenging economy, it has to make investments in the future, and be ready for change. As Adam Wintle explained in a blog post in September, the…

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A great day for our Maine family farm!

We just found out that Adam Wintle, managing partner at our sister company Biogas Energy Partners (BEP), has been named one of Maine’s 10 top entrepreneurs! BEP is an expert in the complex world of proposing, financing & permitting anaerobic digestion systems. It’s a…

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Curious about the science of cow power?

The anaerobic digestion system at Stonyvale Farm in Exeter, Maine has received a lot of media coverage, since the system is the first of its kind in the Northeast. Almost all the media coverage has done a very good job of explaining how cow…

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Another 56,000 now know about our anaerobic digesters

“Lancaster Farming” is one of the most respected agricultural publications in the country. Based in Pennsylvania, it has 56,000 paid subscribers, and has been in continuous weekly print since 1955. Lancaster Farming reaches many agricultural industries, including dairy, beef, swine, sheep, goat, horse and…

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