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EAE worked closely with two partners to bring this anaerobic digestion system online:


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The first of three approved 20K gallon storage tanks is lowered into place at the EAE facility.

Figuratively speaking, anyway. It became very clear in recent months that EAE needed additional storage space for the liquid food waste residuals that arrive at our facility on a daily basis. Turns out our food waste campaign is working!

As part of the original EAE facility construction, two 26K gallon storage tanks were installed. In early October, EAE installed an additional 20K gallon tank and have been approved for 2 more 20K storage tanks. This will give us a total storage capacity of 112k gallons –  now that’s a lot of waste!

All of this is to say, we can take more. So if you’ve got food waste or residuals and are looking for an easy way to keep them out of the municipal solid waste stream, EAE could be the solution for you!

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