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EAE worked closely with two partners to bring this anaerobic digestion system online:


UMaine food waste group visits EAE
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UMaine visitors to EAE get an introduction from Adam Wintle


Visitors get a look at some of the machinery that makes the EAE plant work









It’s not always easy to fit tours into the busy schedule at the EAE facility but when we were contacted by Mark Hutchinson, University of Maine Cooperative Extension Professor and resident composting guru, we could hardly turn him down.

As part of his summer Food Waste Management Workshop, Hutchinson arranged for participants, as well as a few current UMaine students and professors, to visit EAE and other composting facilities in central Maine. The group that came did not disappoint – there were folks from the business community looking for alternatives to sending food waste to landfills as well as representatives from out-of-state governmental agencies and the aforementioned current UMaine students. The varied backgrounds of participants ensured a highly engaged group extremely interested in anaerobic digestion and how it works.

Without question, the food waste landscape is quickly changing in Maine and New England – our development partner, Biogas Energy Partners, has written about it on their blog here, here, and here. The work being done by UMaine Cooperative Extension (and the Maine Compost Team) is at the forefront of training qualified people around the country to lead efforts to divert food waste from landfills and EAE is thrilled to have been part of a small piece of their work. We hope to see the UMaine folks at EAE again soon!


EAE Project Developer, Adam Wintle, intern Michael Boerman, and UMaine Cooperative Extension Professor Mark Hutchinson speak to the group

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