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EAE worked closely with two partners to bring this anaerobic digestion system online:


We’re giving this film two thumb up!
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Emerson College students have made a film about green energy & diary farms

Like the anaerobic digestion system at Stonyvale Farm in Exeter, Maine, a similar system a family farm in Vermont is producing renewable energy.

Earlier this month we told you about the intercollegiate Dairy Challenge, a national competition in which college students advance the study of successful and sustainable farming.

We’re pleased to show you another endeavor by college students that takes a look at cow power. This movie trailer is for “Cow Power: The Film,” shot and edited by a very talented group of students at Emerson College in Boston. The students hope to put their film into distribution, and they’re hoping that it motivates dairy farms across the country to seriously consider building anaerobic digestion plants.

We congratulate the students on their film. They’ve done a great job of capturing why anaerobic digestion makes sense, how it can help the environment and produce green energy, and how it can preserve and continue the venerable traditions of the American family diary farm.

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